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Appel à articles – Families and COVID-19: an interactive relationship (07.02.2021)

The deadline for submitting an abstract to the special issue « Families and COVID-19: an interactive relationship » of Frontiers in Sociology is 7th February 2021.
Since the co-editors are eager to follow the progression of this Special issue, they invite you to: 
1. Confirm your interest in this project and/or your intention to submit a paper proposal 
2. Before submitting a proposal on-line, send us the title & names of all the co-authors 

· an indication of the type (theoretical/conceptual analysis), empirical (research report, methods), research/policy review, with estimated and length (4-8,000 words)
· an abstract of 250-350 words maximum
· a time frame indicating the current stage of the work (data collected, project completion date) and the expected article submission date (whether within 6 months of the closing date for abstracts)
As indicated previously, the articles will be published online as soon as they have been reviewed and accepted for publication, and editorials will be written when all the articles have been received.

Please send your responses to Linda Hantrais, who is centralizing the information on their behalf :

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